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Freecall 1800 117 088

Ph: (03) 62738029
Fax: (03) 62721486

General Manager
Cameron Hurd
M: 0419183888

Production Manager
Paul Dodge
P: 03 62738029

Angela Walker
P: 03 62728200

Request a Quote


When requesting a quotation we request that you supply us with the following details:
1. The dimensions of the label (Length x Depth)
2. Whether it is a rectangle, circle, Ellipse or a custom shape.
3. Whether labels are required on Paper or PET.
4. Whether laminate is required, either Gloss or Matte
5. An estimate of the percentage of ink coverage and whether the label has bleed
6. The quantity or quantities that you require quoted
7. The suburb and State for delivery.

If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, we suggest that you call us via landline as we have been having problems with our emails from time to time.

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